Gidi and AMS first GT-R into the 6 second zone!

With so many GT-Rs running in the low 7s, the race for a GT-R to run a 6 has been incredibly exciting and fierce recently. There were four or five cars capable of doing it, but the big question was simply, who would be first. After suffering an engine fire and a blown coolant line before switching to their third engine, Gidi in the AMS built and prepped “Alpha-G” R35 GT-R did it. 6.93@196mph! The run wasn’t perfect either with reports of a miss up top from some people at the event, meaning the car could go quicker and faster. But, any maybes aside, it’s been done and we now have a 6-seocnd GT-R. Even more impressive is that AMS were the first into the 9s, then 8s, 7s and now the 6s. Well done to Gidi and the entire AMS team.

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